Actually are two villages, the Old  and  New. New Micro Chorio is builded around the 3 kilometers longer than old afterwards the landslip of mountain in November 1963 where it drifted in his course the half houses and 13 from his residents. Despite the abandonment of old village, this did not cease it lives. Each weekend accepts enough visitors, while is found in a splendid locality with view in entire location, with endless green, abundant waters, taverns with splendid food and rented rooms. Outside by the Old Small Village it is shaped their spring months a beautiful small lake in a dense forest by firs. In the square of village you can be refreshed in his five old graphic taps and visit the old school where is in now days an museum village with photographic material from the landslip and departments of printing-house that functioned sometimes there. A holy space where it should you visit when you reach in the old Small Village are Ano Logkobes, where the Italians executed 13 Greek hostages.